Rebound Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy + Athletic Performance

Boss Sports Performance is where rehabilitation meets athletic performance. To make sure clients are getting the most elite care on and off the turf, Rebound Physical Therapy has partnered with BSP to be onsite and available for treatment.

Having well trained and sports minded physical therapist Pablo Gomez PT, OCS onsite allows for evaluations and treatment to coincide with training and return to sport fitness.

Unlike any other facility in Central Oregon, Rebound Physical Therapy @ Boss Sports Performance is able to help facilitate improvement through a partnership in integrated wellness, biomechanics, injury prevention, strength & conditioning, and rehabilitation.

For clients, having Rebound inside BSP offers many opportunities outside of traditional physical therapy, including but not limited to:

-40 yards of indoor 
 Olympic lifting racks
-Suspension training center
-Kieser Pulley System
-Force plate biomechanical analysis
-Video analysis
-Athletic Performance Evaluation
-Return to sport testing
-Recovery Lounge

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