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Steve Emery

by admin on September 9, 2016 Comments Off on Steve Emery
Our son had trained with Boss Sports Performance in group sessions to prepare for basketball and lacrosse and always enjoyed it.  In the spring he fractured his femur, he was devastated that he would not being ready for football season.  During his recovery period he requested to do private sessions with Boss Sports Performance
 We were initially concerned about Boss Sports Performance being primarily for older athletes, our son is only 11.  Would they have a program appropriate for his age and would he remain engaged in the program.  After the first sessions our concerns were resolved, Kevin and Chris spent a lot of time educating him to proper technique and developed his performance in a progressive program.  After the 10 weeks when the doctors released him for play he had gained 10 pounds of muscle and was faster than he was before he was injured.  He is fully healed and playing football but insists that he continue his personal training year round with Kevin and Chris.  They have ignited a passion for training and fitness in him far beyond what we could have ever expected.
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