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Rick Adamo

by admin on October 19, 2016 Comments Off on Rick Adamo

Both of my kids go to Kevin at Boss sports performance, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their progress and results. The oldest plays college Footbal and Kevin prepared him for the next level of competition. My son said after a couple of days of camp” I’m the most prepared and in the best condition Of any of the other 100 players”. The youngest plays basketball and is in the best physical shape of his life. He 5’8″ tall and is able to grab and hang on the rim. Both are stronger, quicker, faster and better prepared to get the most out of their physical abilities. He Teaches the kids about nutrition, rest, taking care of their bodies and the mental side of sports. And that life isn’t all about sports!! As great of a trainer as Kevin Boss is, he is even a better person!!! I TRUST him with my kids and the results speak for themselves.

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adminRick Adamo

Steve Emery

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Our son had trained with Boss Sports Performance in group sessions to prepare for basketball and lacrosse and always enjoyed it.  In the spring he fractured his femur, he was devastated that he would not being ready for football season.  During his recovery period he requested to do private sessions with Boss Sports Performance
 We were initially concerned about Boss Sports Performance being primarily for older athletes, our son is only 11.  Would they have a program appropriate for his age and would he remain engaged in the program.  After the first sessions our concerns were resolved, Kevin and Chris spent a lot of time educating him to proper technique and developed his performance in a progressive program.  After the 10 weeks when the doctors released him for play he had gained 10 pounds of muscle and was faster than he was before he was injured.  He is fully healed and playing football but insists that he continue his personal training year round with Kevin and Chris.  They have ignited a passion for training and fitness in him far beyond what we could have ever expected.
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adminSteve Emery

Josh Cordell

by admin on March 21, 2014 Comments Off on Josh Cordell

Kevin Boss and Boss Sports Performance are a unique resource that I encourage all of my athletes to use. Kevin’s combination of knowledge, experience, availability and care are beyond what I thought possible. He treats everyone he trains with the respect and detail you’d think are reserved for pro athletes. His holistic knowledge of health and performance are unmatched.

Josh’s Summit boy’s tennis team has six Oregon State championships in the past eight seasons and he was a finalist for national coach of the year 2014. In his 15 years as a head coach his team has won nine District championships.

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adminJosh Cordell

Jon Frazier

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Kevin Boss and Boss Sports Performance have been a tremendous resource for the basketball players in our program. Boss has helped improve our overall team speed, quickness and strength. I appreciate that Boss places a huge emphasis on form to reduce the likelihood of injury. For an athlete looking to improve their strength, speed, and agility I can not recommend anyone more highly than Boss Sports Performance.

Head Coach Summit Boys Basketball
2015 Oregon State OAOA
Coach of the year and IMC coach of the year

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adminJon Frazier