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Football Skill Development: Tight Ends & Wide Receivers

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Footwork: Before you can run good routes you NEED to have good feet. Coach Boss has endless footwork drills that he has compiled over the years that are guaranteed to increase your foot speed and decrease the likelihood of any defender ever covering you!

Route running: Coach Boss has countless tips, tricks, and drills to help get receivers in and out of their breaks more efficiently and effectively. QB’s are very hesitant throwing to guys that have defenders draped all over them. On the contrary they love throwing to receivers that know how to get open. These tricks of the trade that Coach Boss uses allows you to create separation from your defender and helps you become the QB’s favorite target!

Catching: Yes catching is a skill and like anything else it needs to be practiced and refined…over and over again. It’s easy to catch the ball that hits you square in the numbers, Coach Boss spends time mastering the more difficult catches (below the knees, over the shoulder, collision catches) and making sure there isn’t a catch on the field that you don’t feel comfortable and confident making! Our juggs football shooting machine allows for you to catch hundreds of balls in just minutes. Slow motion camera capture allows us to analyze exactly how you are using your hand and EYES to catch the ball.

Blocking: If you want to see the field as a WR and TE you must be willing and able to block and block well. Blocking is a lot like playing defense in basketball, it comes down to a lot of effort and attitude. It also requires a lot of technique, with proper hand placement, head placement, and flawless footwork. If these skills and techniques aren’t learned at an early age it creates really bad habits that become very difficult to break as you get older.

Football IQ: It’s often been said that behind QB’s, Tight Ends need to be the smartest guys on the field (important to note we are also the most athletic and handsome group as well (wink face). TE’s are required to understand (another word) the pass game, run game, defensive secondary coverages, defensive fronts, blitz pick up, hot routes, are often times are one of the few positions that are asked to play on every special teams unit, and the list could go on! To fully grasp and understand a complex offensive system it can be argued that it is similar to learning a second language! With all that being said Coach Boss takes great pride in making sure his BSP footballers know the game inside and out!

adminFootball Skill Development: Tight Ends & Wide Receivers

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