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Football Skill Development: Offensive Lineman

by admin on October 21, 2016 No comments

Footwork: Not the sexiest of attributes of a good lineman but possibly the most important and unfortunately the most under coached. Developing good feet as an offensive lineman is all about repetition and that’s exactly what you can expect to do with Coach Boss.

Run Blocking: Run blocking is all about pad level and out leveraging your opponent, hand & head placement, footwork, and nastiness! Coach Boss can help you with all of the following except for the latter. Being a mean nasty run blocker is on YOU!!

Pass Blocking: To be a great pass blocker you MUST have excellent feet as well as an understanding on when, where, & how to strike your opponent with fast and powerful hands. This is an area Coach Boss struggled with early on in his career but after spending countless hours working and refining his technique and learning from some of not only the best coaches but also some future Hall of Fame offensive lineman it eventually became a strength of his and now he loves helping it become a strength for young offensive lineman as well.

Football IQ: Playing on the offensive lines requires some serious brawn as well as some serious brain power!!! As an offensive lineman you need to be able to think on your feet and think fast. You are asked to take in and gather a ton of information, process that information quickly, and then react accordingly based on what the defense presents to you. To work on these situations Coach Boss puts you in game like positions, starting in the huddle all the way to the snap of the ball and challenges you mentally in a way that allows for the real game to slow down!

adminFootball Skill Development: Offensive Lineman

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