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Top 10 Carbohydrates For Performance

by Kevin Boss on March 1, 2014 No comments

1. Sweet Potatoes: Loaded with vitamins A, B, C, & E this super food does everything from boosting immunity, controlling blood sugar, lowering stress, fighting cancer, and promoting sleep to name just a few!

2. Quinoa: A terrific option because it is one of the very few carbohydrates that contains all the essential amino acids that are necessary to produce a complete protein.

3. Steel Cut Oatmeal: Steel Cut Oats contain more protein, they are far less processed, and in my opinion the texture makes it the best tasting oats of the oat family. Instead of sweetening it with brown sugar or honey try using fresh berries, greek yogurt, and peanut or almond butter.

4. Rice: I prefer brown, wild, and forbidden over white rice because of their higher levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are also digested at a slower rate (low glycemic index score) giving you more sustained energy.

5. Lentils: Low on the Glycemic index and high in protein and fiber.

6. Squash: Similar to the sweet potato the squash is most known for being an antioxidant powerhouse.

7. Bananas: Easy and accessible snack that works really well for pre and post Great for pre-workout because it digests quickly and gives some fast acting carbs to help fuel your workouts. Pair a banana with a protein shake post-workout and you have yourself an awesome muscle building/repairing combination.

8. Bulgar/Barley: Certainly not a very common food but can be a tasty and healthy changeup to add to your plate every once in awhile.

9. Pasta: Towards the bottom because pasta is a processed carbohydrate and there are better non-processed options such as 1-8. At 75-80 grams of carbs per cup it’s a great way to load up on carbs pre-workout or refuel post-workout.

10. Sprouted Breads: This is on the bottom of the list because even though it is a healthier and less processed option, I always prefer to stick to REAL food. Ezekiel bread is your best option for sprouted breads. While most breads contain added sugars and are extremely refined and processed, Ezekiel bread contain no added sugars and are much less processed.

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Kevin BossTop 10 Carbohydrates For Performance

Top 10 Plank Variations

by Kevin Boss on February 14, 2014 No comments

In my opinion the plank is by far the most effective training method when it comes to working the ENTIRE core.  The core is comprised of so much more then just a pretty 6 pack, and because of the plank’s versatility we are able to isolate other areas of the core such as the hip flexors, low back, transverse abdominis, gluteus minimus, etc. Take a look at the YouTube video below to see my Top 10 Plank variations. It is important to note that you should be able to hold a classic, low elbow front plank comfortably for 60 seconds, before you advance to any of the variations. Be sure to follow my new YouTube page: Boss Sports Performance


#1 Side Plank Knee to Elbow:

Great for oblique work. This can be performed in low plank or high plank. In the high plank it will require more shoulder stability.


#2. Groin Side Plank:

Just like it’s name, the groin is being isolated in this particular plank.


#3 Reverse Plank:

Far to often in typical training programs the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, low back, etc.) is completely neglected. With the reverse plank you are forced to engage the entire posterior chain in order to perform the plank correctly.


#4. High Plank DB Tripod Row:

With the tripod row the athlete often times thinks it is just a back exercise not realizing they are fully engaging both hip flexors. To isolate one hip flexor at a time and to make this plank variation even more challenging use your glute to lift the leg opposite of the arm doing the row.


#5. Leg March:

Much like the Tripod row this plank is performed to isolate the hip flexors one at a time.


#6. Alternate Reach Plank:

There are several ways to add different degrees of difficulty to this plank. Similar to the tripod row you can use a light dumbbell to raise it into a front raise. You can also use a band attach one side to an anchor point and grab the other end and pull your elbow to your ribs in a pull up motion.


#7. High/Low plank Push-Up:

All the benefits of a push up with just added core engagement.


#8. Supermans:

The superman plank is the plank variation that I use the most with my athletes. The reason I like it so much is because I think it does the best job of encompassing the entire core.


#9. Side Plank Top Leg Taps:

This plank is used to strengthen all areas of both hips.


#10. High Plank Knee to Opposite Elbow:

This is another great option to work the obliques.

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Kevin BossTop 10 Plank Variations