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by Kevin Boss on October 2, 2018 No comments
  1. SLEEP – 10 Hours a night is an absolute must. Plan your day accordingly so you can get to bed at a good time. Sleep is the very best time for your body to recover from training and other stressors life throws at you. While you are sleeping your body is releasing critical hormones that help build and repair muscle as well as flush out harmful toxins in your brain. Do not miss out on this opportunity for safe, natural occurring, and free performance enhancing drugs!!
  2. NUTRITION – Eat real food and eat more of it!! You simply cannot build muscle without an adequate amount of calories. With your activity level increasing, your caloric intake needs to increase as well. We will be providing several different options to help get calories in before and after training sessions. For those athletes who are looking for some fuel pre-training we will be offering a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a ready to drink protein shake as well as several different options of protein bars. Post-training, our always popular muscle building/recovery smoothies will be available.**PARENTS – YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO PUT A CC ON FILE SO YOUR ATHLETE CAN CHARGE PRE/POST-TRAINING FOOD**
  3. RECOVERY – Just as important as the training itself is the recovery between training sessions. Far too often we see athletes taking the approach of “if some is good then more must be better.” Although we love the driver behind that mindset, ultimately that approach will lead to overtraining which will then lead to injury, sickness, etc. Make sure you are listening to your body and recovering just as hard as you are training. Below are some recovery strategies to help speed up the process.
    • Soft tissue work: Foam rolling or massage
    • Normatec compression boots (available anytime for BSP athletes upstairs)
    • Nap
    • Re-read #1 & 2 (adequate sleep & proper nutrition)
    • Low level aerobic capacity work (talk to a BSP coach about this)
    • Mobility Circuits (talk to a BSP coach about this)
    • Sympathetic shut off time / Screen-free time
  4. HYDRATION – The formula we use and have seen a lot of success with is taking your body weight cutting that number in half and that becomes the amount of water in ounces you should be aiming to drink every single day.  Find a good water bottle and always keep it with you!
  5. CONSISTENCY – In our opinion being consistent in the weight room is the #1 PED (Performance enhancing drug) out there! And it’s not just consistent for weeks or even months….it takes years of consistent training to really see great progress!
  6. DISCIPLINE – “Discipline is doing what needs to be done even if you don’t want to do it” Arriving early to each training session and doing your 5-10 minutes worth of performance prep requires great DISCIPLINE! Going to bed early so you can get your 10 hours requires great DISCIPLINE! Showing up to each training session even when you don’t feel like it requires great DISCIPLINE! Saying no to social peer pressures requires great DISCIPLINE! Choosing the right foods to eat requires great DISCIPLINE!
  7. RELENTLESS WORK ETHIC – “Everyone wants to be great until it’s time to do what greatness requires!” The most successful athletes I have seen at every level have been the ones who are intrinsically motivated and are able to push themselves even when no one is watching!
  8. STRESS IS STRESS…it doesn’t matter if it’s stress from school, family, girlfriend or boyfriend stress, and or physical stress from training or playing…your body cannot decipher the many different stressors in your life and too much of it can wreak havoc on your body and the positive physical adaptions you are chasing. Find a way to combat against the unnecessary stress in your life or else you are working against yourself. Always know that our entire coaching staff here at BSP is here to support you and ready to lend a listening ear if there is something in your life you are struggling with and need someone to talk to.
    • SLEEP: Easiest way to combat against sickness is to make sure you are getting enough sleep each night.
    • HAND WASHING: Keep your hands clean and away from your face.
    • EXERCISE: The right amount will boost your immune system but too much will deplete it. If you are sick, you need to rest!
    • EAT WELL: Fueling your body with good non-processed whole foods is critical to keep your body and all its systems functioning at optimal levels!
    • SUPPLEMENT NATURALLY: Instead of loading up on sugary processed lozenges, syrups, pills, and powders try to supplement with REAL earth grown foods that have their own natural occurring immune boosting properties.
  10. COMFORT IS THE ENEMY OF PROGRESS…it’s human nature to choose the path of least resistance…unfortunately that path leads us to mediocrity! The path that will challenge you both mentally and physically is the one that will bear the most fruit at the top! Those athletes that can regularly push themselves outside their comfort zone are the ones who will be the most successful!
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